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Long Weekend (written March 29, 2009) - EbonieRose [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Long Weekend (written March 29, 2009) [Dec. 4th, 2010|06:52 pm]
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So, I hadn't mentioned this earlier, but my uncle went into the hospital 2 weeks ago because he was feeling sick to his stomach. This was after the doctors had diagnosed him with liver cancer and gave him some chemo-ish meds to make it go away. Well, apparently, the medicine didn't do anything but make it worse because now he has a messed up pancreas and some gallstones..

They finally sent him home Friday night for whatever reason, and he's pretty weak. On the bright side, he's eating. The problem is that he has trouble keeping it down. Add to that the fact that he can't eat whatever he wants anymore because the new meds he's on have to be taken on their own. Thus, he can't take his blood pressure pills, which means no more salt.

So, this pretty much puts him out of commission until he gets better, if he does. As a result, we need a Personal Home Care provider. I got drafted into doing it. For those of you who are nurses, PHCs, and general caretaker types, God bless you because I was not cut out for this. I'm doing okay for now, but we haven't done the official interview process with a caseworker yet so that I can get paid to do it. If I get to do it, it'll be nice because I'll probably get an extra $60 or $70 a week. If I get more, fine. If not, fine, but honestly, I don't see myself getting more than 10 hours of work a week. I told my aunt that half of whatever I make goes to her to help out with bills, but I hope she understands that the phone bill I already pay is included, not on top of that.

This is essentially how the next 10-20 years is going to look, I think. I'm just going to go wandering from dying relative to dying relative and live off of them for months at a time, I guess. It's pretty much the one thing I really never wanted to do. I am not a caretaker, babysitter, nurturer, provider, or anything along those lines. I am a selfish bitch who wants to do whatever the hell I want when I want to do it. I'm just sick and tired of living my life on everyone else's terms but mine. I mean, really, am I going to be 50 years old before I can make my own damn decisions without having to answer to someone? I can't even call that "living"; it's a mockery of what life should be.